Sunday, June 20, 2010

update on the doggie

sadlt... her parents decited to keep the doggie....... oh well good think our human really isent a doggie person. the little thing is a girl chiwawa, about 4 pounds. shes been vet checked and profesionally groomed, and aparently a perm resident. our humans paretns started worrys about what kinda home she;d end up in soo they are keeping her, the vet figures she is about 3 to 8 years.. an closer to the 8. but shes well behaved and for the most part housebroken. the vet also said it was possibly a racoon after her and that it could have easily killed her. so we are glad he crys were heard. sadly.. our human is also contibuting to helping the little doggy cope, and the little doggie oddly isent afraid of us at all. we'll be okay till our human drives the dog around in the car after putting dresses on it... when it comes to that can we hang out with someone for a few days?? we dont think we can deal with that kinda embarisment.

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