Monday, June 14, 2010

ewww doggie..

Okay we kinda knew this was coming.. we smelled doggie on our human, and not the resident doggies either. when we asked she said its a  stray that took up residence in there yard. its a little brown doggie smaller then us but full grown with longish fur.. looks like a chiwawa, Pomeranian mix. its been living in the yard for about a month now and for two weeks when they found it hanging around they left food and water out for it.

well "she" started getting used to see our human come and go along with her dad. and was getting calmer around them. attempts to catch the poor thing failed. attempts to get her to come in the house house.. or even come close enough to be touched failed... until about three hours ago. 

Apparently a sound at the door woke her parents up, it was the little dog whimpering and whining and scratching at the door. when the door was opened to see what was going on.. in ran the little dog.  When our human got up at about 1am tonight, the little dog was all snuggled on her mom. and has apparently been following then around the house like well.. a lost little doggie. and she thinks it might even ben in bed with them even though they were trying to avoid it.

so.. they are gunna call the no kill shelter in the morning to see if they can take it. and our human is trying again to find lost ads. sadly when they first discovered the doggie they made some calls and some online searching and sadly no one is looking for the little lap dog. we find that sad. its such a sweet thing how could anyone just throw her away.. though someone tried to throw away camille and ava before they found their forever home.

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  1. No. WE don't want even the friendliest woofie here.