Tuesday, November 2, 2010

thundering elephants

what better way to rudely wake our mom, by playing thundering herds of elephants alllll night long... or well in her case all day long. Then we followed up by playing with every bell, rattly and squeaky toy we could get in the bedroom. then we emptied our litter box into the baffroom floor, so our barefoot and sleppy human almost slipped and fell. (don't worry we left our special prezzies in the box, we justt knocked out the cleanish litter.)

but don't worry we all passed out on the bed in time for our mom to get enough sleep before work that she was not zombiefied... she gets that way sometimes.. or she just gets grumpy.

laters!! we need to plan out how to keep her up tomorrow.


  1. That was a really funny story! I like to frantically dig for no reason so that kitter gets sprayed all over. Ha ha ha ha ha! It's a really good way to irritate the Humans!

  2. Um, ya could unroll the TP an pee on it. Wet spots allus wake the walkin Beins up REAL QUICK!