Tuesday, November 9, 2010

hmm, its warmed up

Our last weather realted post a few days ago said how cold it was. well.. its warmed up a littlebit. weve all been haveing fun watching the leaves fall off the trees, and squirles scurry around.  our mom sometimes brings in leaves off her shoes.. Camille keeps eating them.. the wierdo. Ava hass been sleeping under the covers sometimes, but our mom just cant get the tem right. its cold at night and warm during the day. oh well.

oh and we notced a few kitties we wondering what we won. its a string.. yes but not any string... it moves by itself! our mom is happy we won it becouse she had though about buying one a while back.  when we get it we promis to post pictures.

our human has a short staycation next week. so weve been planning ways to interupt her gametime.

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