Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rain rain go away....

its been raining like nonstop since yesturday and early this morning! our mom said she could hear it on the roof of her worky place on and off all night long. we hate rain! and mom said she had to swim home from work.. swim!!! oh the horror!!! at least she made it home okay if not a little wet. i think we will just cuddle where its warm and dry. Ava has allready gotten a head start on keeping it warm under the covers. Sylvester will be there soon to help with the spaces around the pillows. Camille is just lucky she wasent put out for the night... mom is still hissy at her for peeing on her bed yesturday.

Oh and if you havent allready help us out with our "tree.. fish" desision by posting a comment on that specific post. thanks!

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  1. We had rain here today, so we all stayed inside warm an dry!