Monday, November 15, 2010

Day two of stay-cation

Well, yesturday mom got 1/3rd to a half of the room cleaned and packed.  seee Sylvester 1 was helping.

but i refused to look at the camra. anyways She tossed a bunch of trash and stuff she didnt want/need/or to sell. the garbage men were really happy and she scrubbed out of litterbox dispite it being cold. 

she didnt get her major purchase a tv and stand becouse its been raining since sunday.  She did get her game and is uplading/installing.. what ever it is that the ps3 does with big games. so well leave her be for now.


  1. mwhahahaha, Mom tried to stay up to long.. she moved to the bed and passed out while playing. Ava tried to wake her up by sitting on her.. finally she woke up, ate and went to bed properly.

  2. Yer mom will like a new tv and you might too. I watch the fancy tv.


  3. yeah, the tv she uses now we cant really see that well. Shes got a short list of xmas gifts for us. maybe we can talk her into a kitty dvd.