Monday, November 22, 2010

Turkey-day storys.

Turkey day is almost upon us, sadly our human has to work that night.. and deal with the black Friday crowd. she did that last year and found it stressful. but she says this year is supposed to be better... she gets paid to stand and guard the merchandise.. and straighten only within a couple of feet of it, but she has no clue what she will do at the last three hours of her shift.  we are hoping for some goodies.

Anyways she was thinking about what she might get to take to work for a few days after turkey day. and started reminiscing on a kitty that came before us. Actually her first kitty. Tiger; He was a smokey Persian.. I think they are called doll faced. his nose wasn't smashed in but wasn't as pointed as a typical cat. and he had papers.

they were inseparable our mom was just a kid when they got him.

Anyways every turkey day they would have a traditional dinner. while they ate their goodies. guess who got a special meal?

He got some turkey meat, and the boiled innards. and due to him getting into a cooling pumpkin pie... he got a little sliver with the crust.  I think later he even got some stuffing added to his meal.

They did this up until he stopped cleaning his plate which was a good while. into his life. and when his housemate Cleo joined she got some as well. but preferred just the turkey.

We aren't as spoiled. we just get dry crunches.. but Sylvester has been known to tear into cornbread.

Do you get to eat a special turkey-day meal with your humans? is it a traditional year after year thing?

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  1. Its the day we get ta eat with him on the table! We get plates just like his (well smaller). This year, we are having turkey thighs (an ours wont have nasty spices onit). We will get some gravy. If we are lucky, he might hunt down some whole chick-hen livers!