Sunday, November 14, 2010

Stay-cation day one of five.

Its finally here. first day of moms busy planned stay-cation. Well update through the day and night as she entertains us with her funny human tasks. while at her parents.

so far shes woken up early and scared us with garbage bags but not on purpose. we just don't like them. shes been throwing stuff out, and bagging clothes. hopefully they wont get confused. and shes throwing small odds and ends into boxes as shes comes across them.

her plan today is to finish completely gutting the room of stuff minus furniture.
vacuum/ shampoo the carpet.
make her two major purchases today or later tonight. and assemble them

then as her reward shes gunna spend Tuesday night/day playing her new game.
but first a trailer from Assassins creed II since that was the prior game where brotherhood pics up.
not advisable for beans under 18

not advisable for beans under 18.
this is her fav trailer featuring in game cinematic.. and she likes the song.


  1. We forgot to mention.... we are also helping her clean by looking for lost toys that might have gotten under furnature. and we are planning ways to try and pull her from her game. we figure two days she;ll be ignoring us.. so we gotta think hard.

  2. Mom seems pretty busy for a stay-cation. TBT used ta do that, but he relaxed the whole time.