Wednesday, February 2, 2011

what no shrimp??

mom... I can smell the shrimp on your breath and a hint of tuna.. why did we not get any?

Because you guys try to kill me when I open a can of Vienna sausage.... I'm not opening a can of tuna anywhere near you!!

 mom is no fun at all. anyways we've been hearing nothing but snow this and snow that... thankfully we haven't seen much since the freak snow we had. and if we get any later in the week it wont be much.  those who are getting pounded... stay warm and safe, both you and your human(s)


  1. Well, couldnt she close ya both inna room, open the toona, put the bowls onna floor, and then let you out to eat?

  2. that would be nice but I dont think she wanted to share...