Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy birthday mommie!!!

Today is our moms birthday.. and after the failed attempt to give Ava away, mom has forgiven us.. Ava not so much.  mom has a staycation this week but has been verry busy. We did manage to watch a few eps of firefly, and Prince of Persia on blue ray. she got a nice tv a week ago but wanted something new to watch. we've even helping her clean some. dusting mostly.  unfoortunatly she needs to take her giant metal machine-monster to the fix it place later this week. and she cant find her birthday cake or presents so she is bummed.

but we are all happy!


  1. Oh gosh, a Belated HAPPY BIRFDAY to yer Mom! We werent good about visitin this week...

  2. Oh! Happy belated Birfdai to your Human! We are sorry about her big metal machine. My Human had 2 pay sooooooo many green papers last summer to fix hers that she is still not over it!

    Hope you are all doing well! Sorry my Human has so much FAIL at visiting!