Wednesday, July 14, 2010

sleepy time

My mom can sprawl out on the bed and hog the whole thing some times. she thinks its funny when i kick and push at her, but I'm just trying to make more room so I, the rightful owner of the bed and stretch out to my full length. then she has the nerve to laugh at me when i have a nap attack and plant my face flat on the bed when the rest of me is in some other direction. what? its comfy and the sheets smell nice.


  1. Thats odd, it said our comment was posted an hour ago, but now it seems ta be gone. We were saying that we dont like sharing the bed at night cuz The Big Thing moves around so much...

  2. Hi kitties! Thanks for stopping by my blog; nice to meet you! Yes, I agree about the bed. It is rightfully mine-all-mine and if the Human is in it, I will not go near it.

    Also, it would be nice if she would make up my little bed(s) with sheets and pillows and stuff! Why is it only the Humans get that stuff?

  3. Thanks for coming to visit us. We own the bed too. When our Beans wake up they are usually clinging to the edges and we have all the middle. It's our ambition to get them to fall right out.
    Have you thought about putting links to your posts on the Cat Blogospere to get more visitors?
    We can ask KC to put up an announcement that you would like visitors if you want us to.