Sunday, July 18, 2010

the horrible horrible heat

we seen sooo many kitties that are finding creative ways to cool off. we like sitting near the fan or a vent... anything cooler...
At one point last summer the place our mom stayed at.. literally started roasting... take a empty but closed can.. and throw it on a open flame..  and imagine living inside that can. that's how hot it was. and because of a kitty who is no longer with us, the windows could not be opened all the way or outside he went with the window screen.   but what was nice.. we kept finding these solid but very cold chunks in our water bowl. they of course did not belong and ended up who knows where.. they kept disappearing after about 15 minutes.

Thanks to everyone that's visiting and leaving comments. we've been lurkers for a while but decided to be more active with both old and new,  we are really enjoying this, but catnip still rules over all else :)

Mom here, its not that hot where they are... we have AC, and ill have a better AC in about two days. I'll have lotsa new holes in the floor. Oh and the "hot can" they are talking about. While thankfully it seems everyone has at least some AC this summer, there was a point when we lived in a double wide.... and we had nothing but trouble with the system, we froze in the winter till it got fixed, and in fixing they messed up the cool, so when the heat started outside....we roasted for about 4 days till it got fixed.


  1. We are very glad we don't get it as hot as you. When we had the hots for a couple of weeks we just laid around, but now we are back to 60's and rain.
    We are glad you can keep cool with your AC.

  2. Neat, you are getting cool air through floor vents soon? That is great!

  3. See, this is why we live in San Francisco, where it is currently a delightful 55 degrees as the fog gently floats past the windows....