Monday, July 5, 2010

playfull 4rth

we decited to get all hyper since the boomers wouldnt let us sleep. our mom was however.  so.. we simply played some king of the hill. and later pretended that "hill" (actually our human trying to sleep) was a fun trampolen. we spend a good half hour jumping on and off the bed wrastling. when we finally settled down and had a short hour nap.. the human woke up. so we played some more.

 and the human is learning its not such a good idea to hold ava in her arms for a extended period of time. see ava loves being held and cuddled and purrs lots and lots when she is. but when she purrs lots and lots.. she drools lots and lots. so when the human finally set her down.. avas chest furs, and the humans arm were coved in drool.

1 comment:

  1. I play "bed monsters" a lot. Somethin moves unner the blankies an I pounce an bunny kick. Iza came out unner the blanckie an reported she had had the same fight with a monster OVER the blankie! We were both fightin them!!!