Friday, October 22, 2010

cats can tell when your sick

the mom here. while i tend to get sick with sinus allergy's that's about the extent of what i catch. however last night when i got up to to to work, i felt soo weak i could barely manage to get down stairs to the kitchen (at my parents house) so of course my mom started poking to check my blood sugar which was fine and my blood pressure with was abnormally low and i appeared severely dehydrated.. while shes doing that I'm breaking out into a cold sweat.
Shadow my moms cat who tends to have nothing to do with me, had plopped herself on the table by my head and was licking on my arm. i gave her a belly rub and instead of leaving she started purring. once i got to feeling better i moved to the couch where Shadow kept me company as well, least till i started feeling somewhat normal.
when i moved back to my room after lotsa water and some food, i dosed off, every time i woke up i had all three of my kitties in the bed with me. Ava on my right side as a ball, Sylvester to the left and all stretched out so i could cuddle him. and Camille who normally only gets on the bed for scritches was beside my head lightly curled.

they kept watch over me and made me feel secure... I must admit.. i cant sleep unless I have at least one cat in the bed with me.

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