Thursday, October 28, 2010

musical bed?

I Sylvester am almost always on my bed trying hard to kick my mom over so i have more space.. sometimes im nice and lay on top of her, and other times I snuggle next to her and let her treat me like a teddy bear.

Ava and Camille are a bit tricky... Camille sleeps in her high rise or her own bed most of the time, while only getting on the bed long enough to sleep at the foot, or get pettings.

Ava has been playing musical beds. Several nights at a time she slept on the bed opposite of me, and shes slept at the foot and under the covers. She also sleeps on a computer chair.. but now shes found a nice pile of clean, well now dirty clothes. she by far is the most.. um.. undecided when it comes the sleeping spots. shes always finding some other knock or cranny.. or space she should not be in to sleep.

sad part is... our mom lets her.

oh and that happy dance was triggered by something almost as good as free money... the joys of having extra cash AFTER paying off a loan. we are just waiting for her to go baby her car.(when the weather improves) and when she does we are leaving some um... special presents on the bed. yeah..... just to make sure she knows who the real babies are!

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  1. We both wander around sleepin spots at nice. Lately, I have have been fond of the laundry hamper. Iza has been sleepin on the Bloo Pillow on the dresser.

    But we sometimes switch around (there are 4 really good sleepin places other than the bed), an BOTH of us are often on the big bed with The Big Thing...