Sunday, October 17, 2010

thank you all

thanks for the purrs sent over for our moms friend and dad.  her friend is still in rough shape so send purrs when you think of it, shes got a long road of healing. as for our moms dad, we just found out that tests came back okay....... aparently his gallblatter is fine. they told him to lay off the asprin; they think its eating his stomach up. so for him the purrs worked :) thank you.

lets seee, our mom had very interesting smells on her shoes and pant legs. Aparently she locked herself outa the house, and had her cell locked in her car. she walked a mile on the side of the road to her parents house, woke them up for a ride back to her house with a key. her dad was anoyed but not mad, hes nice. he got to borrow his wifes car hehe, but his car was found to have a flat with a nail sticking outa the top. wierd.

And we are a little concered, our moms been comeing home from work mad or upset... and i think last night was the last straw, shes spoken to us about her changing her jobs, and i think she was putting in applications earlier. one is a place her friend loves working, We like the idea, its not like we will see her anymore or less, but she says she'll get more green papers so more toys and treats for both us and her... and when our mom is happy, we are happy :)

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  1. We hope yer Mom keeps more keys wif her from now on. But gettin ta smell good outdoor smells was good fer you.

    An we hopes she finds a better job. Its no fun havin a Mad Mom around...