Saturday, October 2, 2010

Live strong

We are joining this movement because our human has lost both a family member and a kitty to cancer.

Our mom lost one of her close aunts a couple of years ago due to complications with a bacteria infection inside a tumor. the tumor was removed with permanent debilitating results but the infection remained and then took over that infection spread as bad as cancer.

And last is for a kitty that came before us, she scummed to mammary cancer, they thought it had been caught in time but it sadly spread to far to fast

Heres to them, and anyone else who has or has lost a loved one, human or animal, friend or family, to cancer.  it is our hope that one day all forms of cancer will be cured.


  1. Nicely put! We are sorry for all those who sufferred it...

  2. We hope also that cancer can be eradicated before too long.

  3. I am practicing Purr Power for the Human's young colleague who's fighting breast cancer right now. Bald is beautiful!