Saturday, October 23, 2010

belly rubs?

How do you react to belly rubs from your human?

Sylvester stretches out into a upside down j then looks at human upside down. when satisfied either massages humans belly in return or stretches out on side then naps.

Camille, likes to rub her head on what ever surface shes on and does a squiggly worm movement with her body but staying belly up. does a head butt when satisfied.

Ava unless sound asleep and belly up.... *hiss spit, hiss grrrr, grrr runs*

oh and our human seems better now


  1. We're not crazy about belly rubs. Ayla hops away an I get a bit bitey. Our favrits are head an chin scritchies...

  2. First of all, I almost NEVER expose my belly, even when I am sleeping. But, if a Human is so obnoxiously forward as to touch my stomach uninvited,I grab the offending hand and put the hard bitey on it and administer a few well-placed bunny kicks.