Thursday, December 30, 2010

cat tree

lookies, our mom promised us wed that she would put up our tree and give us our gifts. so here we are...

hers the big box mom had to drag into the house and then into the linen closet. then back towards the door she drug it from.

 she sure missed not having he work provided box cutter, but made do with scissors. the first board on top is particleboard. she was about to send it right back but the other boards were more solid wood like.

wow look at all these parts. Camille checked them over and made sure everything was there.

oh look.. its a empty cardboard box

I think ill supervise from here

Sylvester came by check things over too

Then Camille found the smaller house and decided it was a nice supervising spot.

look at all the screws and bolts oh and the three toys. the blue bag is what they stuffed the bolts and toys in.

at this point our mom got the first and second layers on

Sylvester stayed behind mom to avoid getting whacked.

Ava kept the little xmas tree company on the other side of the room. (mom didn't get the big one up after all)

oh and look another layer is on with Camille still supervising.

Here is the finished product with Ava on the house part. and Sylvester on the floor. sadly Camille was run out of the little house. and there are two toys dangling down.

and here's the rest of our xmas presents. to go with the tree. we have three furry balls. two catnip mice, and a blinking caterpillar. there also a collar for each of us Sylvester gets the purple one, Ava gets the pink, and Camille gets the blue and pink one. We also have name tags that say "If I am out, I am lost" on the front with our name and moms number on the back. 

mom arranged the toys on the cat tree to try and get us on it.. Camille took a mouse and played with it on the floor but so far no one seems interested. we've never had a cat tree before. so we have to get used to it.


  1. We have that Cat Tree and we love it! maybe it needs a little Nip to get you interested...

  2. That is a great cat tree. We hope you soon start enjoying it.

  3. Thats a GREAT cat tree! We thought you had the same one we do, but its differnt... I run up an down ours all day long an perch on the top platforms a lot. TBT was surprised by that cuz Ayla is the climber around here. I love it cuz its a place I CAN get up high a hop at a time! But Ayla is STARTIN ta use it more the past couple days.

    We both hope ya all start usin it like we do...


  4. That is an awesome cat tree!! You guys are gonna love it!!