Saturday, December 11, 2010

must behave

Must behave must behave..... yeah I'm not feeling it *Sylvester chaises Camille all over the house in a full fledged thundering herds of wrassiling elephants game.. with some hissing and loud meowing included*

we noticed several pl 's moms and dads have been good with the Christmas decor... but some haven't.. our mom is with the last group. we don't have a tree up, and neither does her parents. we were supposed to get the big tree while the parents did the small tree. but our mom just isn't feeling it. She cough a cold or its just sinuses and has been told she cant miss anymore if she wants to keep working; even though she has stayed within the allocated amount.from the way that works she cant miss a day for 6 months. she used to never miss work but she was happy with her job, and not so much now (and from what she tells us, we don't like it either). and shes let us miss out on the blogging gift exchange.

but she did say that if we are good we do get our  presents. and that she made up for last year.

but with some prodding and nagging.. she will have the trees up in time for xmas.

and sadly she didn't agree to us putting a big net on top of her metal machine to catch birds... oh well.

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  1. We hope yer Mom starts feelin better! TBT says Bein jobs are hard to find...