Monday, December 13, 2010

news flash... its snowing again.

First sticking snowfall of the winter. Our mom was off last night so she didn't get a chance to car skate. if you live up north your Polly used to snow. but where we live we hardly ever see it and its gone when the sun hits it. we posted earlier about snow but none sticking.. well it kept snowing and it stuck. these are from her parents house shes packing again.

this is some of the sidewalk leading from the house to the road.
 the jeep is across the street in the neighbors driveway. the specks are snow falling.

 straight sidewalk view

 looking up from the front porch to see the snowfall and part of a tree

the side road, this road is a state road so it gets salted, unlike the first road pictured.

moms metal machine sitting next to her moms, her dads is in the back with a old backup car.

there you go. may not look like much but its snow and it stuck!

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