Sunday, December 26, 2010

A white xmas!!

we waited till today to post this since we allready had two posts in one day.

Guess what??  weve had the first white Christmas we have ever seen, and the first our mom has seen in +5 years. She was kind enough to take each of us out, she held us since we dont have harnesses. she set each of us down and took us into the snow fall. Ava was content, she enjoyed looking around. Sylvester cried and cried but was curious. Camille wanted little to do with it. we were taken back inside with no misshaps and dried off. The snow's been falling hard and heavy since before 6am cst. its a wet snow so its sticking to everything. usually we get a light dry snow. anyways her are some pictures of the snow with the new camra

the car tracks in those top two pics are a state road.

the snow never stick in the trees.. before now

and a short vidoe of the snow falling. (first attempt to upload was botched by a power blink,

 So Sylvester has decited what hes gunna do today....
Ava is under the covers and Camille is in a catbed.

We are waiting for our xmas pressys sometime later today

opsse looks like we wont get to have our present today, we got even more snow today so the roads are bad again. we are gunna stay put, while she stays with her parents... they have more human food.


  1. Snow! We had some of that a couple of years's COLD, isn't it!?!
    We think staying put and napping is an excellent plan...tell your Mom to drive safe.

  2. The snow looks pretty. We always used to say we very rarely get snow, but now we have had it for 3 years in a row so we can't say that any more.