Tuesday, December 28, 2010

a pressy!!

not to long ago we got a pressy for wining a contest Spitty held on his blog SpittySpeaks. well we got our prize yesterday but mom didn't let us have it till today.

Camille had to check it over, she said it had lots of interesting smells,

So I had to check them out too mom pulled out not one but two "land-octopi"
and also a nice handwritten card

Camille again insisted on checking out the contents

Sylvester and Camille sniffed and batted them a little bit. but the one who ended up having the most fun was........

Ava!  the rest of us are wondering if its a long/medium furred cat thing (it looks purple but its brown like spittys)

Mom put one away for later, and is waiting to see who goes nuts today. Ava was having a blast but our mom is so bad with the camera.. when she snapped a pic, or recorded video it made her blurry or she wasn't doing anything interesting. it was planned... she just doesn't know it.

in other news its warming up in the next day or too and all the snow should be gone by noon today. Also our mom had a nice scare at work. a two Ltr bottle of soda fell off the top of a pallet about 5 1/2 feet and exploded when it hit the floor.. then it rocketed down the area our mom was working in. it got soda everywhere, but thankfully not on out mom nor did the bottle hit her, but it was a big mess to clean up. it sucked for the guy who dropped it, but was funny to our mom.


  1. Those Land Octopi are the BOMB! We love ours.

    Our Mommy says she prolly would have wet her pants when the bottle exploded...

  2. You know, sometimes the land-octopus gets me going and other times I'm just like, "Eh, whatever." MOL! Keeps the Human on her toes :-)

  3. Congrats on the Prezzies! But we are laffin about the soda explosion. It gives a new meanin ta the term "bottle-rocket"!