Thursday, December 16, 2010

run mom run!

During the last post I (Sylvester) was running from and chaising Camille in a all out fight for my life. Well I saw mom running too. As you know shes been sorting and packing stuff from her parents to her house. well On her way back home after loading the metal machine up with stuff she stoped to get the mail. when she did the wind caught this little card and away it flew into the neibhors yard. she hesitated then ran after it. Then she realised it was for a package she didnt notice she had on the front porch. (we had tried to wake her for it) She opened it thinking it was one of our  xmas gifts even though she says she got everything allready. It was a sample of some ziplock products from  website that mostly has cuopons. One of those be the first XXXX to respond to get a free care package. sadly its nothing we can do anything with. but she has some kitchen supplys now. We just like the little box it came in.  still is was funny watching her chaise the paper. good thing it didnt fly into the street.

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  1. Well, better to catch the loose mail than let a really good offer (like a free Nip Plant) escape in the wind!