Friday, December 24, 2010

what our mom got for xmas.

Our mom got to open and exchange gifts with her parents Christmas eve morning.  She celebrated right after she got home from work. (her day at work was busy and stressfull but she stayed ina  good mood... she had a platefull of goodies for her first break and her lunch) And also she didnt want to wake up early on a day off.

Anyways she scored double. She usually gets only one pricy gift, and then a couple of cheap items like candy stocking stuffers. but becouse her mom was worried about the main gift not shipping on time, she got a second gift that was a bit pricy.

Our mom got both. She got a soda club. A household contraption that allows you to easily carbonate tap water and then add flavors if you so desire. the contraption itself is grey and red. she got two  1 ltr bottles that work with the unit., two co2 canisters; adds the bubbly. and a sample pack of 12 flavors, each flavor is good for only 1 bottle. and 6 regular sized assorted flavor bottles good for several bottle fulls. (our mom didn't know about this so she stocked up on some mountain dew 2 ltrs...We think there is no danger of her having caffeine withdraws.)

That was her main gift. She also got a Sony powershot Sorry its actually a Cyber-shot. (edited 12/25 3:43 am). Remember when she complained about her camera acting funny? not only was the old one taking funky pictures but the battery compartment door was broken, she had to hold it shut. Her dad  is the one that suggested a new camera. So that saved her the trouble. the new one hads a rechargable battery. and she promises npot to loose the cd or wires that came with it this time.

Shes gunna check it out. She said our gifts will be given the day after Christmas.  she wants to spend some time with her parents and relatives. and now she can take pictures and post them!!


  1. Those are super gifts! Mommy is interested in the soda club thingy...let us know how you like it.

    And a new camera is ACE!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. The new camera sounds great. A Bein tryin ta take pictures makes bad enough pictures. But havin ta try ta hold the camera in one piece is worse. So mebbe ya will all like the new pictures!