Sunday, December 19, 2010

catsmas week

well our mom says we have about a week.. that's 6 days right? till xmas.Shes gunna have ours on xmas eve morning. since xmas day at night she will be locked into their workplace with about 15 to 20 other people.  She does not like working on that day but enjoys working in a closed store (the store is open 24 hours a day 364 days a year.

Anyways she says we wont be able to post like we want to. shes got a lot to do. Shes gotta make sure the guest room is good and plans to shampoo the carpet again. she got stuff to move and things to wrap today and tomorrow morning. shes got her parents tree up, but not ours.

shes got work for two days (mon and Tuesday) then wed off to finish up everything. work on Thursday, off on Friday, and work on Saturday, off on Sunday. its gunna be a weird week. she wished her days off could be together, but no one paid attention to the schedule and she was scheduled with everyone else to work on xmas eve (they fixed it of course). and its not helping shes getting out of work after around 8am instead of 7 like she should.

We'll post so late pictures we promised; and our xmas pictures. she plans to spend the holidays with her parents, then with us. and at some point more family.

we are just gunna spend the week bugging her, and trying to sniff out where she hid our xmas gifts. shes telling us all we got are collars, and that the cat tree is really just some human furnature.. but we saw cats on that picture!! and we saw the words cat.. and tree... i thinks she is lieing


  1. Hi Guys! We just found & followed you!
    Hmmm, we think you might be getting something pretty cool for Catmas!
    C'mon over and visit us any time, in fact, we're having a pawty tomorrow...stop in!

    XX Lounge Kats

  2. Wow, we are sorry fer Mom (an you fer her bein away). We are sure glad TBT is retired!

    But he tells us he early-on used ta werk in Dept stores and hadda werk every holiday. He hated it, so knows what yer Mom is goin through...

    Peace an Love. You'll all get through this...