Tuesday, December 14, 2010

hmmmm snow again

we just got back from visiting furfriends blogs and just had to tell on our mom. but first. we have to state that our moms digital camera has died. she took pictures of the snow at night. but when she tried to take them during the daytime both in and out of the house the camera put funny lines in the pictures that should not be there. she says its done it before so shes gunna have to hold a funeral for it and bury it in the closet with the other outdated or half working electronics.

We got more snow, but it was short lived. Our mm says she did some xmas and grocery shopping and for our tattletale..... almost fell on her butt in the parking lot at work. if she didn't have a buggy she would have fallen.

We also had fun watching her lug in a really big and heavy looking box from outside the door. then she drug it into the linen closet and wont even let us sniff it.. we saw a picture on the box and a similar but not the same picture on marks mews. the box was covered by plastic for protection against the snow so we could not see the picture to clearly. our mom just says we will have to wait....

grrr why wait?!?!?! she's all ready playing with her Nintendo DS lite (testing it she says) and that was supposed to be her xmas gift to herself!. so why do we have to wait? huh? huh?

um does anyone know of a cheap but decent camra brand/type she could look into?


  1. Ooh, if the box yer Mom got is annything like ours, you are gonna LOVE it! Go here to see it constructed! http://cavebearslair.blogspot.com/2010/12/assembling-cat-tower.html

  2. Oops, we sent that above while we were copying the addy from TBT! Sorry

  3. Stay in warm~!
    Well, I guess Camera sometime getting cold,too.
    Maybe when you buy a new one, you should keep the camera at stable temperature spot.
    Casio and Panasonic camera is not expensive in my country, you can consider about it.
    (Just a suggestion, you don't have to choice this, Me myself using big heavy camera so I haven't reach little camera for a while.)

    Have a nice camera shopping.

  4. You win!! Lt. Gerard in The Fugitive it is! If you send a mailing address to maryc122449@aol.com, your prize will be on its way soon!