Friday, December 10, 2010

mom was bird hunting??!!??

um.. okay.. we as cats don't know if we should be proud.. or upset..

Mom went night hunting for green papers as usual. and she said on her way back she killed a bird..
she says it was an accident that there was no way to avoid it; that it darted and basically dive bombed into her path from nowhere...
so we are happy our mom took the opportunity to catch a bird..
but she didn't eat it..
or bring it home so we could play with it. 

She says it didn't count because it wasn't her..
 it was the scary red metal machine that got it. 

what are we going to do....
 if something happened to our crunchy and stinky goodness how would we ever stay fed if our human mom isn't a good hunter and doesn't bring the food home after she kills it. we certainly aren't going to go outside and catch birds and mice for her, she wont eat the dead bugs we give her on occasion.

Maybe we should bring more spiders to her pillow while she sleeps...

1 comment:

  1. We gived yer problem a lot of thought. We think Mom should mount a net on the metal machine roof to catch the birdies it kills. That way she could bring them home to you! An iffen it is a big one, she could cook it fer herself!