Wednesday, December 15, 2010

yay.. just um.. how many days till xmas again?

in reply to our last posts comments.

hey don't worry Ayla and Iza, thanks for that link. our mom will prolly take a gazillion hours just to assemble it... it was hilarious to watch her take a computer desk apart. ohh new visitor! hie!. and Spitty our mom watches to many Action movies with her mom. don't know if we should be proud or embarrassed.  shes weird.

Anyways the snow melted again; well mostly. looks like another freeze coming in a day or two. Ava is trying to smoother herself under the covers and I Sylvester am trying to kill Camille before she gets me,, at the moment I think I have lost her.

or maybe not... next time kitties I gotta run.. literally!


  1. hope the cold weather will stay away fur a while! keep warm & cozy--"under the covers" is not a bad place to be, as long as yer nose sticks out a bit to breathe!!

  2. We cant wait ta see yer new kitty tree!

  3. it will be soon~
    We are looking forward the holidays, too!