Saturday, May 28, 2011

lazy Sat.

hmmmm... our human is bad, she shampood the carpet before painting...  washed some clothes then disapeared to her parents to catch up on a movie channel series on a channel she does not get. but hey... she has clean clothes and towels.

and um she had informed us that we will not be allowed on the new furnature for a while grrrrr. and that she will make sure our claws are nice and short and dull. grrrrr again.


  1. Sharpen yer claws on stuff and enjoy the new furniture!

  2. Your human sure knows how to ruin a good time...

  3. My Human actually had the nerve to put big old comforters on what she calls the "good chairs." They only come off when we haz company. Really, who's she kidding?