Thursday, December 3, 2009

our mom is acting wierd....

um mom..... mom?.... MOM!!!! *whacks some papers off the bed, then lays on the others* oh im sorry you were reading those. SYLVESTER!!!!!!!!!!

yup, Ive been a bad mommy spreading papers over their sleeping spot. but what they dont realize is... pretty soon they will have a "huge" place to hang out at. I've been house hunting for a few months now, and finally found one not to far from my parents but far enough they cant walk to me. ive had such bad luck in the past, everyhouse i have liked was sold pretty fast so i gotta hurry and get things in order. and well both me and the kittys are going nuts, so wish us luck everyone :D.

*runs off with a pen* mrohohohow

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