Friday, December 11, 2009

hmmm... how to keep you human from getting sicky...

Everykitty or just about every kitty has to deal with at least one human leaving on a daily basis for hours on end so they can bring home stinky and crunchy goodness and toys and treats and sadly pay for the stabby place.  but how do you keep you human from getting sick when out? do you dress them up in extra furs? or maybe make them a few minutes late by insisting you sit on the car hood when they need to leave? and worse... how you get them to keep it to them sself?  my human has been out for a few days mixed with days off  couse she cought a cold from her worky plaCE, while we love the extra time wif her, who really wants to be around a sick and sneazy human? and to make things worse... she was contagouse !! she didnt make us sick, but her parents got some. man oh man what are we gunna do.
and if thats now bad we has to settle for dollar tree toys for x-mas, come on mom its tradition you get a stocking from wally world.  make them get some in allready!!! or at least find the extra one you put back two years ago.


  1. When our Bein is gone, we just nap. Of course, we do that when he is home too, but at least then sometimes on him.

  2. Our Bein thinks drinking red wine is a good idea, Well, mostly, he says it couldn't hurt much. But he says, as a placebo, its a good one.