Saturday, June 25, 2011

oh crap!!!

um were having a bit of a emergency here....... it seems Ava is MIA!!!. Our mom was at work when some ppl came to get some stuff., and after her mom and dad went in and out a few times..... while they swear Ava was not let outside that they know of.. we havent been able to find her anywhere.  Me Sylvester and Camille were locked up safely. but Ava hide before she could be locked up. our mom has put a blanket outside with some water, and shes been trying to keep an eye out. both in and out of the house. We really hope she is just in deep hideing.  so keep your fingers crossed, our mom is gunna stay up as long as she can, since Ava does know what outside is hopefully shes just in the back yard. or hanging around the house just out of sight.

keep your fingers crossed and we will post an update in mid morning.


  1. Oh Bast! We are watchin out the windows in case she comes by!!! We are sending GPS purrs fer her too...

  2. Oh NOES! We are purring our hardest that Ava shows up, SOON.