Saturday, April 30, 2011

stormy weather.

our prayers go out to those who were affected by the tornadoes. thankfully no one we knew personally was hurt, but there was a related death of our nieces family on her moms side(not a blood relative of our mom) so send your prayers out please to all the victims. Our mom has been busy, many ppl have been coming to the store she works at for food and other necessity's so they have been busy stocking the shelves night after night.

As far as the storms went, our mom grabbed us all up and took us to her parents house, they knew it would be bad. she actually slept through most of it till the power went out, then she watched the window like a hawk. we all stayed under the bed, the thunderbooms were horrible.

anyways she said at times the rain was so hard she could only see for a few feet. and the wind was scary, it changed directions three times. they had little bits of hail, but further down about a 2 or three miles down they had close to golf ball sized hail. lots of tree limbs were blown around, and one house not far from ours had a tree fall on the house's front covered porch. it also took out a nearby tree, and snagged the power lines.

the power was out for 8 hours due to a direct hit on the power grid or power station the entire county was out for 8 hours or more.  and thankfully she didn't have to work, her shift worked for about 3 hours to save as much cold foods as they could before going home. the storms first hit at about 5:00am wed morning, had a few breaks and were finally over at  about 8pm wed night. because the power was out during the worst, they didn't know how bad it was until morning.

oh and they could have gone swimming in the yard.... in areas that have never puddled. thankfully it went down.

there was a small tornado that hit just outside of the main part of our town, it damaged a house or two and took out trees but it didn't kill anyone thankfully. a few ppl saw rotation try to start in the clouds but it quickly dispersed.

we will be offline for a little while, out mom is trying to change shifts and get a lot of summer stuffs done. so stay safe and have a good time.


  1. We are so sorry fer the Beins and pets that died in the recent tornados. Those things are so horrible.

  2. Oh we are sorry to hear of all your troubles! Purrayers for all of you, and for all the Humans and kittehs and doggehs and other animals who suffered from all this.